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Today marks the 75th anniversary of the nationwide release of The Wizard of Oz!

Hi! If it's not too much trouble, could you also tag that last confession with "wreck it ralph" and "vanellope von schweetz" please? ^_^

Done! :)

I believe that anon talking about "ruining a show" was referencing some Wicked hate that seems to be coming from the confessions. They fail to realize that the opinions are from the Oz fandom, and not the admin of this blog.

Yeah I assumed they were talking about Wicked but that whole message was pretty incoherent. 

Did you ever think you are ruining the show we love because of your opinions? Now don't give me any of this "Well it's my opinion," crap because of you this show and all its adaptions are ruined

What does this even mean?

this is kinda in response to the confession as to where in kansas dorothy lived. L. Frank Baum got his inspiration for the setting and the storm from an event he covered in a newspaper about twin tornados in Irving, Kansas. So Dorothy could've been from there!

In response to this confession: (x)

Not a confession, but where are you getting these lovely MGM frame blowups that show the beautiful film grain?

The screencaps are from the Bluray version of the movie! I use the wonderful resource screencapped.net to find them.