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but why does Warner Bros owns the right to wizard of oz? it was MGM who made it? xD

Ted Turner (of Turner Entertainment Co.) purchased MGM in 1986 but was soon forced to sell. He ended up keeping MGM’s film and television library though. Warner Communications and the Turner Broadcasting System later merged to form Time Warner, so that’s how Warner Bros. acquired the rights to The Wizard of Oz. 

Why does Warner Bros. have to be copyright nazis? They let Disney parody TWoO multiple times, which is for fair use and comedic purposes, and yet they only let them use the Ruby Slippers ONCE. Warner Bros. are hypocrites! Besides, TWoO and OtGaP were made for entertainment purposes and are covered by fair use.

You have a wildly warped perception of fair use if you believe that blockbuster films from major Hollywood studios are covered by it.